Newborn sessions are some of my favorites! Those first images of your son or daughter are so very precious!

A couple things to keep in mind with Newborn sessions:

  • The best time to shoot newborns are within the first 10 days of birth. They're pretty sleepy most of the time, and still like curling up into all those adorable poses you see! (I will do newborn sessions after 10 days, but the chances of getting them to sleep is much harder, and they usually can't curl up into all those cute squishy positions.) If the baby is a month or more- we may want to consider other options (i.e. lifestyle sessions, mommy & me, etc.)
  • Newborn sessions take a long time. I go on the baby's schedule, not mine. When they need to eat, need a diaper change, or just need some soothing and settling, we stop until they're ready. Plan on anywhere from 2-4 hours.
  • When bringing them to the session, dress them in something as loose as possible.A sleeper is the perfect thing- no pinch lines from pants, etc. and easy to get them in and out of!
  • To keep the baby as comfortable as possible during the session, the heat in the studio will be turned up quite high. So- mom's and dad's- wear short sleeved shirts! It DOES get warm in here!
  • Poop happens! Your baby will spend the majority of the time naked or almost naked, and it's inevitable that he or she will pee or poop. All of my blankets and such are washable, so don't worry. And I always keep a stack of white tee shirts handy, and sometimes have to change clothes multiple times! It's all part of the process...
  • Feel free to bring any items you would like to have photographed with the baby. A quilt grandma made, a treasured stuffed animal or toy? I will be happy to incorporate it into the pictures.
  • Try to keep the baby awake 1-2 hours before your arrival time. AND- plan on feeding them shortly after arrival- that way we have the best possible chance of having a nice sleepy baby throughout the session!
  • I will be happy to shoot pictures with family members and the newborn at the time of the shoot- mom/dad, or siblings. Just let me know in advance!

Session fee for newborns is $250. Customized birth announcements can be ordered, just ask!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or email me!

Beth Hutter


[email protected]